Video Relay Service (VRS)

How does it work?>Video Relay Service (VRS)

VRS enables users who use sign language to communicate via videoconferencing with a Video Interpreter (VI) through the Internet or Video Phone.  The VI then interprets/relays the signed conversation over the phone – in real time – to the hearing caller.  By using sign language over the full motion video, this allows the sign language user to fully express themselves in their natural language and convey facial expression and cues to ensure nothing gets lost in translation.

VRS with Voice Carryover (VCO): allows Deaf or hearing-impaired people to speak directly to the party they are calling.  This option works well for those who prefer to use their own voice. The VI only works in one language direction signing the voices responses back to the VCO user, who receives the signed message through their video screen.

VRS with Sign Carry Over (SCO): allows a Deaf/Hearing Impaired person to call in to VRS and give the VI the number for their landline. The VI then calls this number and when the user answers, the VI is subsequently placed on hold while the user calls the other party's number (mobile or international) and sets up a conference bridge.  The purpose of SCO enable the VRS user to bill VRS chargeable calls to a landline number as though dialed directly. With this service the VRS user is required to have a landline with 3-way/conference calling capability at a location in close proximity to the VRS connection.

VRS hours of service are: Monday - Friday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

The number for voice callers to use for VRS is 0800 4 877 877

The new Skype "screen names" for the NZVRS agents are:
  • nzvrs01
  • nzvrs02
  • nzvrs03
To install Skype on your computer, click here.

For other VRS users utilizing a URL for IP/DNS based system (DLink, Polycom Grandstream, etc) use

Emergency Calls:
  • VRS access (including Skype and IP-based calls) is not to be used for emergency 111 access. Please use traditional text relay for emergency services.
  • Skype is not a replacement for your telephone and can't be used for emergency calling.
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