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Advisory Group

The group is comprised of members from each of the "user" groups: Deaf, hearing impaired, deafblind and speech impaired, with the addition of a parent of a child with a communications disability.

The members of the Advisory Group are your points of contact should you have any concerns or frustrations (positive comments are, of course, always appreciated too). The group will provide NZ Relay and MBIE with feedback to help with optimizing the service for users. In this role they need feedback from the “users” of the service.

Role of the Advisory Group

  • Provide service feedback.
  • Provide technical feedback.
  • Offer suggestions to the Outreach Manager for possible promotional opportunities.
  • Provide feedback for possible product enhancements.
  • Optional - attend promotional events.

Moshika Chandra

Chair MBIE
Email: Moshika.Chandra@mbie.govt.nz
Postal: PO Box 1473, Wellington 6140

Geoff Thorn (Chief Executive Officer)

New Zealand Telecommunications Forum Advisory Group
Email: geoff.thorn@tcf.org.nz
Postal: PO Box 302469, North Harbour, Auckland 0751
Ph: +64 9 475 0203
Txt: +64 21 937 920

Chris Blum

Sprint Accessibility’s NZ Relay Advisory Group Representative Advisory Group
Email: Christoph.blum@sprint.com
Postal: Sprint International NZ, P.O. Box 106 775, Auckland 1143, NEW ZEALAND
Ph: +64 9 927 8850
Ph: 0800 487 7877

Kevin Stokes

Email: k62stokes@gmail.com
Txt: +64 21 129 7189

Christopher J Sinclair

Deaf / Hearing Impaired Advisory Group
Email: cjsinclair83@gmail.com
Txt: +64 22 247 4783

Brent Burcher

Executive committee for New Zealand Federation for Deaf Children Advisory Group
Email: brent@deafchildren.org.nz
Postal: PO Box 13266, Johnsonville, Wellington 6440
Phone: 0800 332 324 (0800 DEAFCHILD) Txt: +64 27 358 0777

Sylvia Pikari

Hard of Hearing Advisory Group
Email: TBC
Txt: TBC

Mike Hamill

Speech Impaired Advisory Group
Email: wandmhamill@gmx.com
Postal: 42 Lothian Cres, Strathern, Invercargill 9812
Ph: +64 3 216 2636 (If possible please call this land-line through NZ Relay Speech to Speech - 0800 8 715 715)
Txt: +64 27 627 3396

Dave Wilson

Deafblind Advisory Group
Email: djwwilson1@gmail.com
Postal: 114 Allens Road, Allenton, Ashburton, 7700
Ph: 0800 450 650 (Deafblind Association)
Txt: +64 21 619 889

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