Mobile Text Relay

NZ Mobile Text Relay (MTR) enables Deaf people to make a relay call using their mobile phone or tablet computer to communicate with hearing people.






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Instructions for Android

To assist you in getting started with Mobile Text Relay (MTR) using your Android phone, this instruction guide is split into two main step by step sections as follows:

How to install the TexMe app on your Android phone

This step by step guide will help you install the TexMee application on your Android Smartphone. The application is free and allows you to use your mobile to make NZ Mobile Text Relay (MTR) calls to hearing phone users.
From your handset, find the ‘PlayStore’ icon and tap it to access the store.
Use the Search button at the bottom left of the screen to search for ‘TexMee’.
The PlayStore will display a list of matching apps. Select the ‘TexMee’ app.
Tap the ‘install’ button on the right-hand side of the app description screen to download it.
Tap the ‘Accept’ button to begin installing TexMee on your phone.
Tap the ‘Yes’ button to update the database.
Select ‘New Zealand’ as your country of residence.
Select the NZ Mobile Text relay service from the service directory list.
A new TexMee icon will be displayed on your device’s desktop. You can now make calls.

Making a call using the TexMe app on your Android phone.

This step by step guide will help you to use TexMee to access the NZ Mobile Text Relay service (MTR). MTR is a relay service which allows you to use your mobile to make calls to hearing phone users.
From your handset, tap the TexMee icon to open the application.
Select NZ Mobile Text Relay from the directory list to start your MTR call.
The MTR call will be connected and MTR relay assistant (RA) will type a welcome message.
Using your phone keyboard, type the details for who you would like to call. The MTR RA will use this information to connect the call and relay your text messages to the hearing caller. The RA will text the hearing callers responses to your phone using the MTR service.
When you have finished your MTR call, press the back button on your device.
You will be asked to confirm if you want to end the call. Tap the ‘Yes’ button to disconnect the call.
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Please use the TexMee App for Relay services on mobile devices.

Because if you're on a mobile device and wish to use relay services, you must use the TexMee App.

If you don't have the TexMee app installed, click on the download button below to get started.
To learn more about TexMee and how to use it, please click here.